Falling in love with mushrooms – Part 1

Image by Pixabay/Hans

You’re a smart person who knows how to take good care of your body.

You appreciate herbs and spices and cook nutritious food to support your body.  At the very least, you know where to purchase good food.

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3 of my favorite uses for Chamomile

Image courtesy of Pixabay/Didgeman

Do you have a couple of favorite herbs you go to most of the times?

Over time I’ve learned it’s better to know one herb with 10 healing or cooking uses than 10 herbs with 1 effect.  I bet that your favorites fit this description nicely.

Early fall is a great time to incorporate new teas in your daily routine. Many things are changing – weather, schedules, foods we eat/gravitate towards.  It feels good to start taking extra care of yourself.  

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How will you rejuvenate this weekend?

Image courtesy of Pixabay/FirmBee

Following an advice I shared in late July I decided to try something new for the next thirty days.  I signed up for a very intense and life-changing program created by Seth Godin called altMBA

For 4 weeks, 100 people from all over the world, explored topics and learned skills to become better decision makers, learned how to be more courageous, received and provided support from an incredibly vibrant community of individuals and much more. I feel very blessed for getting a chance to participate in the program and learning from talented, kind and inspiring people.

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Are you ready to start your fall with these 7 simple tips?

Image courtesy of Pixabay/Unsplash

Since my second year in college, every fall right before the school begins I see a vivid image of a huge wave coming at me.  Whether looking from a perspective of a student or a teacher, I imagine myself being a surfer and always wonder ‘will I conquer this one?’ ‘will I succeed?’

For the past few years I’ve been thinking about creating a guide – something to help prevent this feeling of overwhelm and tiredness, to support the journey from the start.

This year, I’ve decided to make this possible.

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