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Chia seeds – your secret to a slimmer, healthier body

​How I got curious

My breakfast during the summer varies quite a bit. However, when September arrives my mood as well as the food I eat change. 

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Strawberry benefits – And my love hate relationship with this berry

This is my third year in a row going strawberry picking.

Whether you grow your own strawberries or able to purchase them in season, strawberries are some of the the most exciting berries for me with many benefits.  Continue reading

Image courtesy of Unsplash/Alonso Navarro

Oats: Superfood or Super-medicine – 3 health benefits of Avena sativa

Oatmeal then…

When I was a young girl, my grandmother used to stress the importance of eating my oatmeal. The main argument usually had something to do with oatmeal being the breakfast of choice for the Queen of England. Continue reading

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