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Food is Thy Medicine: My Favorite Ways to Smuggle Turmeric into Food

Image courtesy of Pixabay/Ajale

Several weeks back I wrote about 6 amazing benefits of turmeric. I also promised to share the ways to include this plant into your diet. 

Early on in my career as a pharmacist, I predominantly included plants into my life through supplementation.  Overtime I recognized this became a much less rewarding and exciting path than experimenting with healthy ingredients in my food.

Meet your favorite new spice – 6 research-based benefits of Turmeric

Image courtesy of Pixabay/SoFuego

Several years back, I decided to incorporate a lecture on spices into a course I teach.  As I was pulling materials together, I came across a large variety of fascinating information on benefits of spices.

The scientist in me was fascinated by the discussion of Darwinian gastronomy, a concept describing the roots of our love for spices.  It became very clear to me that our preference for spices is often based on the concept that they are good for us. 

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