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WIN002 – Why herbal medicine is a lot more like cooking with Bevin Clare

​"It's important is to keep your sense of play when you are studying herbs." Bevin Clare


I met Bevin Clare almost 15 years ago. Quickly she became a good friend and colleague for me. Bevin is someone I deeply admire and respect - a thoughtful practitioner, inspiring educator and researcher, well-respected professional, and just an amazingly fun person.  

​During our conversation you'll learn:

  • ​how Bevin fell in love with plants ​in her own life and the first ​time she realized herbs' full potential as medicine
  • ​ways to bring herbal medicine in people's lives in a meaningful way and where to start your herbal journey
  • ​why herbal medicine is a lot more like cooking and a lot less like medicine and how to become better herbalist by removing rules and restrictions
  • why quality of sources are very important and what Bevin's favorite herbal resources are
  • some of the best ways to stay balanced and ​healthy during travel or any other times of overwhelm
  • why adaptogens are an important category of plants to explore in today's world
  • what seasonal foods have to do with how your family used medicine in the past


​​Thank you for listening!

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About the Author Lana Camiel

I'm a college professor, drug information pharmacist and herbalist. I teach young professionals and students how to be less stressed and more focused with the right herbs and food.

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  • Anne says:

    I enjoyed listening and learning from you and Bevin. Great information to use in my personal herbal practice.

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