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WIN003 – Healthy fats and other nutrition essentials with Rosemary Fotheringham

​"If you don't like you vegetables, you aren't putting enough butter and salt on them." Rosemary Fotheringham


I met Rosemary Fotheringham in a leadership class ​about 15 months ago. She always impressed me with her knowledge of nutrition and her sunny personality. ​I am excited to bring her to my students and to my audience today to share her thoughts and expertise on nutrition.  

​During our conversation you'll learn:

  • how Rosemary became passionate about nutrition and why Paleo style of eating resonated with her
  • why eating the way your grandmother ate is important today
  • how Rosemary shops in a supermarket, and what Rosemary's 8 ​Must Have  ​kitchen ingredients are - you can also ​get that list below
  • why Rosemary briefly considered naming her first blog 'The Fat Girl', what the importance of eating healthy fats is (what those fats actually are) and what fats you should cook with, and which ones you can only use on salads
  • ​​why it's smart to have a Sunday night preparation time to help you eat better during the rest of the week
  • ​​several ideas of nutrition-dense breakfast and what Rosemary nutrition recommendations are for stressful times
  • why and how you can actually get rid off your sweet tooth and sugar cravings (and why it's a wise idea)
  • resources for someone who is starting to learn about the foundations of nutrition



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About the Author Lana Camiel

I'm a college professor, drug information pharmacist and herbalist. I teach young professionals and students how to be less stressed and more focused with the right herbs and food.

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