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WIN007 – The gift of Indian ghee with Sandeep Agarwal

​"​Ghee is the fat product derived from milk and it's fabulous​. It's a source of many vitamins." ​Sandeep Agarwal


​I met Sandeep Agarwal in 2010 when ​both of us enrolled into David Winston's Herbal Certificate program. ​

A computer programmer and finance​ professional by training, Sandeep became curious about his roots.  His ​family opened a ghee (clarified butter) shop in India close to 130 years ago.  After a long journey, Sandeep knew he had to share this gift with ​​the American audience. ​

A little while ago, I sat down with ​him during a conference ​to talk about ghees, oils, and other fats.

​During our conversation you'll learn:

  1. ​​​​Sandeep's journey - how his son's illness inspired the entire family to change how they cook and eat;
  2. ​the benefits of dairy fat and grass-fed cows, how to understand solid versus liquid fats/oils;
  3. ​interesting history related to fats in our culture​;
  4. ​what exactly ghee ​is, how it is made, ​what it supposed to look and smell like, ​the composition of vitamins ​​in ghee, cooking and storage ​​​​recommendations, why frying and baking with ghee is a great idea​;
  5. three constitutions of Ayurveda (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) - please feel free to explore WIN 004 Successes of Natural Healing with KP Khalsa for additional information about Ayurveda
  6. how herbal training helped Sandeep to create a new line of medicinal herb-infused ghees.  Sandeep explains ghee's properties and how it works as a perfect fat-soluble medium/carrier for herbs used in brain related disorders;
  7. and finally, how to incorporate other healthy oils and fats ​into your ​life.
Right before - Edison - inventing light bulb; and Proctor and Gamble - candles; cotton seed oil

17:32 - Napoleon, shortage of butter; not sure if this is true

Around 18 - there is description of saturated vs unsaturated bonds - can keep this

1911 - Crisco - cristalized cotton seed oil

Smoke point - 24 min

26 min - David Winston

Ayurveda - 27 mins

Herb-infused ghee

31 min - Vata, Pitta, Kapha

33:43 - consider cutting out or even do the same with a segment before - on administering through nose, and other orificies

34 - Ayurveda — resources -
Vassant Lad -

where to find Ayurvedic practitioners -

35 - Bullet proof


Dave Asprey
yak butter tea

medium chain triglycerides - coffee plus plus

12 different ghee products
25 organic spices

historical artifacts
400 historical objects - some are as old as 400 years old
virtual museum


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