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WIN013 – Changing the industry one farm at a time with Kate Stillman

​"Our agricultural roots run deep.  It is our commitment to those roots that allows our farm to strike a balance between old traditions and newer and sustainable practices." ​​Kate Stillman


​​I met Kate Stillman several years ago at my farmer’s market. Once I learned about her work, I became a customer. In 2013 I invited her to speak to my students in a Sustainability and Food course, and she came back several times since.

I am still a satisfied customer who understands her work better (with all the pluses and minuses). It is often said that we vote with our wallets. I am a believer in this. As a result I chose to support Kate and her farm, and local farming as an industry.

Kate ​grew up in the business of farming - helping on her parents vegetable and her grandparents dairy farms.  She learned early to embrace her farming roots and hone her skills as an entrepreneur, caretaker, manager, vet, sales person - even undertaker - she has managed to leave no stone unturned.

Kate attended the University of Massachusetts. Today she farms her two properties with her sons ​(although they have a little ways to go before they approach helpful!).

Kate is an industry leader, who has successfully brought Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm to Stillman Quality Meats - developing an extensive CSA network​ and a vibrant farmers market system.


  1. ​Kate's roots and journey as a farmer
  2. Cost of local food, why are you paying more and why it is worth it ​
  3. CSA's (community supported agriculture), memberships, and other farming models
  4. ​Regulatory laws guiding the industry
  5. ​Respecting the animals, and taking responsibility for eating meat

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