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WIN005 – Beneficial mushrooms with Jerry Angelini

​"We are doing our best to bring mushrooms back into daily life of everyone in the US, and beyond." ​Jerry Angelini


​Jerry Angelini is ​the national science educator for one of my favorite mushroom companies, Host Defense. I learned about the company and its' creator Paul Stamets about 15 years ago. Since that time I've been following their research and reading Paul's books.  ​Mushrooms have always been an important part of my life, possibly because of my heritage. I truly became fascinated by mushrooms, however, once I started exploring the research and health benefits. ​

​During our conversation you'll learn:

  1. about Jerry's journey and how he got ​interested in medicinal mushrooms
  2. ​​four categories of mushrooms (edible, beneficial, psychedelic, poisonous), how they are prepared and consumed, the importance of different parts of the mushrooms, the difference between whole mushrooms and isolates
  3. three mushroom ​blends (MycoShield, Stamets7 and MyCommunity), what mushroom species are incorporated into each formula, their primary uses
  4. ​benefits of specific mushroom species ​
  5. ​safety of mushrooms

​Products ​discussed during this interview:


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I'm a college professor, drug information pharmacist and herbalist. I teach young professionals and students how to be less stressed and more focused with the right herbs and food.

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