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WIN010 – Box Lunch Lifestyle with Cheryl Johnson

​"​If I could do just one thing to make the world a better place, I would get everyone to bring their lunch to work." ​Cheryl Johnson


​My friend Cheryl Johnson is an education researcher by profession, ​and also a long-time food and fitness enthusiast at heart. 

She thinks of herself as “just an ordinary person trying to cut through the clutter of misleading wellness advice.”

Cheryl is relentless about finding practical information about nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. ​

She’s created a no-excuse, common sense practice for a more satisfying life built on better food and better ways to use your time during your lunch break. It’s a simple and free solution called Box Lunch Lifestyle.

​During our conversation you'll learn:

  1. ​why ​Cheryl ​created Box Lunch Lifestyle ​practice
  2. two areas of your life that Box Lunch Lifestyle practice helps you to enhance
  3. ​​​​suggestions for making Box Lunch Lifestyle help you to accomplish more for your body and your mind


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I'm a college professor, drug information pharmacist and herbalist. I teach young professionals and students how to be less stressed and more focused with the right herbs and food.

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